Reel Life offers a variety of services for preserving your life memories. We can transfer Hi-8, VHS, Mini DV and VHS-C videotapes by transferring them onto a format of your choice.  We also edit professional photo and video montages for any type of occasion.

Want to preserve the stories of your family?  Reel Life creates biographies documenting memoirs, recollections, and accomplishments of loved ones, preserving stories in their own voice.

Reel Life offers personalized care and attention that larger companies do not provide.


An interview of a family member on camera, sharing their life stories and family history. The interview is intertwined with music, photos, video clips and documents.


Interviews are done conversational style and take place in the comfort of the home. 


Basic Bio $995 + travel
A 2 hour filmed interview.
Footage is minimally edited with up to 15 family photos, 3 video clips, up to 3 documents, music, intro title, and export to 1 DVD and 1 flash drive.


Standard Bio $1995 + travel

A 4 hour filmed interview  of the family history. Light research for additional images to enhance the movieFootage is edited using up to 50 family photos, documents, maps, 5 video clips, music, titles, and export to 1 DVD and 3 flash drives. Movie is also published to a private webpage for 4 weeks.

Deluxe Bio - $3995 + travel

A 6 hour filmed interview  of the family history to include footage shot in surroundings as needed. Broad research for additional images to enhance the movie. Footage is edited using up to 100 family photos, documents, maps, 10 video clips, music, titles, and export to 4 DVDs and 10 flash drives. Movie is also published to a private webpage for 12 weeks.


We will edit your printed photos, digital images, 35mm slides, or videos into a brilliant, professional montage set to music. These work beautifully for celebrations, memorials, or short stories.

Finished montages are put onto a flash drive, SD card, or on a private webpage. Export media choice is not included in package price, and will be determined by file size. Please see Export Options.



Basic - $100

up to 50 photos. 
2-3 songs recommended. 
Custom transitions. 
3 title slides or text included. 

2 Video clips.


Standard - $200

up to 100 photos. 
3-5 songs recommended. 
Custom transitions. 
5 title slides or text included. 

4 Video clips.  

Deluxe - $290

up to 200 photos. 
7-10 songs recommended. 
Custom transitions. 
10 title slides or text included. 

7 Video clips. 

Additional title/slides/text - $1.00/each. 

Additional cued video clips - $2.00 per clip. 

To search for un-cued video clips, additional charges will apply at $20/hour. 



VHS and VHS-C tapes can be transferred to DVD, SD Card or flash drive for $9.95/tape + cost of export media.*

Mini DV and  Hi-8 tapes can be transferred to flash drive or SD Card for $9.95/tape + cost of export media.*


.59/each to CD, SD Card or flash drive. Cost includes basic color correction and high resolution output. 

Cost of export media is additional.* 


.39/slide or photo

*Cost of DVD, CD, SD Card and flash drive is based on file size. Please see Export Options.

DVD - $3.00 with label

SD Card - $10.00 and up depending on GB size

Flash drive - $10.00 and up depending on file size

Online Storage - $5.00/month for up to 5GB of storage.
Rush Orders:  Typical lead-time for most projects is 10 business days from the time your materials are received.  Expedited orders can be arranged for an additional charge, depending on the project, situation, and timing.   480-381-0169