With our parents aging and their life stories as well, Lisa and I have decided to rekindle our business of years ago. Doing this work was pure joy for us and we look forward to producing it again! 

While conducting our lives over the past many years, we have been archiving the rich stories of our families. Five years ago, I was fortunate to do this with my beautiful Mother, who is now 90. Recently, I had the opportunity to see the pleasure she derived from watching our stories again. The stories were brought to life by her narration, family photos, period music, and colorful graphics. It has become an entertaining visual reference that sustains our family's legacy for future generations.

Julia Palazzi

With the birth of my two daughters, I realized the importance of preserving celebrations and occasions before time slips by. I captured our precious moments on video and in photographs. Then, like most people, tossed them aside thinking I'd do something with them someday. As the years passed, Julia and I realized that those photographs and videos would soon fade and be lost forever. 

I took all of those videos and pictures of my girls and created beautifully arranged montages with music that captured our memories and times. Shortly thereafter, we decided that we wanted to find a way to help others preserve their memories, and in 2001, we started Reel Life. Now, as my daughters reach adulthood, we continue to enjoy those priceless memories that have been preserved for a lifetime.

Lisa Clayton

Our business did well thanks to the wonderfully loyal clientele we had, but technology changed. What we were doing became accessible to everyone, and we closed the business in 2009. Recently, we've had several people ask if we are still doing this work. Limited time has become a factor for many of us, and we now see a need for our personalized services once again. So....here we are many years older than those young girls above, and excited to work with you!

We want to offer this service to you because we have a great passion for it! Whether it be films, videos, photos, slides, audio or documents. We can bring life to your history by telling a story that will carry on your legacy for years to come while offering personalized care and attention that larger companies do not provide.

Reel Life offers a variety of services for preserving your memories: we transfer 16mm and 8mm (reel-to-reel) films, and all formats of videotapes by transferring them into digital files that will last a lifetime.  

We will also edit professional quality photo and video montages for any type of occasion.



Want to preserve the stories of your family?  Reel Life provides “This Is My Story”; short biographies documenting memoirs, recollections, and accomplishments of loved ones, preserving stories in their own voice.

Reel Life can also compile your family recipes into a beautifully bound book with photos and stories. You name it, we'll make it!

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